VIEWERS’ COMMENTS Comments by viewers who viewed Divine Sparks at various stages of development: A father explained Divine Sparks to his five-year-old daughter: “This is a story about the beginning of the world, and how before it was created there was nothing, but in that nothing was possibility. And, that’s what you are: Possibility.” Jim Young Garrison, New York “I watched Divine Sparks film last night and was quite blown away with what you have accomplished. I’m very impressed with your grasp of many of the effects you've employed—your creativity for how to work them is clearly unbounded. I can only imagine all the time you've put into Divine Sparks; it speaks very eloquently from its unique perspective. You've certainly put your vision forth in very engaging manner.” David Aubrey, Filmmaker, Co-editor of the acclaimed film BARAKA Santa Fe, NM “Divine Sparks lifts you up and takes you on a journey of wonder.” Margaret Levinson, Designer Venice, Florida “In Divine Sparks, Drummond continues the intuitive relationship of her art to the viewer with a sense of wonder that is both wide-eyed and knowing. The use of her artwork in a video context—as when she animates a collage, or pans across a painting in a motion picture way—is visually unique and innovative. With Divine Sparks, Drummond is creating an invigorating fantasy world that promises to do what her paintings do: touch people in a deeply emotional and personal way.” Leonard Freed, Magnum Photographer New York, New York “Divine Sparks bathes the screen with color, creativity and joy.” Irene O’Garden, Playwright, Author, Poet and Educator Garrison, New York “SPLASH! SPARKLE! Wow! Divine Sparks is a water slide to the center of the universe! Dancing to the beginning of time! A real JUMP FOR JOY, celebratory, full of life, work of art.” Brian Drolet, Director and Producer of New Media New York, New York “That was the most creative film I’ve ever seen!” Anna Currence Richmond, Virginia “Divine Sparks speaks to the wholeness of the world within each of us. This marvelous film’s sparkling colors, shapes and playfulness call up a wellspring of life. It's irresistible—everyone will want to shine!” Duncan Smart, Writer and Educator London, UK “Divine Sparks is a myth for modern times. It speaks of the creative, transformative urges of the universe, and by extension, our own creative transformative possibilities. Divine Sparks is a luminous metaphorical tale told through the eyes of a wise, contemporary artist.” Dr. Raymond Velez, Educator West Redding, Connecticut “Divine Sparks gives new meaning to the word ‘opus.’” Audience Member at Divine Sparks screening at Jacob Burns Media Lab hosted by Westchester Media Network (WMN) Pleasantville, New York Comments by students and teachers at various Divine Sparks Focus Groups, including at Renaissance Kids in Poughkeepsie, NY; The Field Library in Peekskill, NY; and Balenbouche Heritage Site in St Lucia: “Divine Sparks is about how life and people all over the world are connected.” Student “I love Divine Sparks’ use of color to tie everything together to light and life.” Teacher “Divine Sparks felt like it was a dream I had; it felt like it is how I would dream.” Teacher “My favorite was when the sparks came together to make a canvas that became a painting.” Student “It’s about color, laughter, art and joy.” Student “The part I liked the least was the snake. The part I liked the most was the snake. The part that should be on YouTube is the snake.” Student