BOOK GOAL Divine Sparks offers an inspiring story with compelling creative and educational possibilities. To actualize its educational potential, a Divine Sparks Arts, Creativity and Literacy Guide has been created for use with 8-12 year olds - and older - in diverse venues including school and after-school programs; art, community, and senior centers; health and wellness settings; galleries and museums; and homes. The Guide includes activities designed to facilitate and promote individual creativity primarily in the visual arts, as well as related arts such as writing, dance and animation. Additional activities and ideas are included to improve and promote literacy, self-esteem, problem-solving and interpersonal relationships. The goals of Divine Sparks film+guide are to facilitate individual creativity, augment traditional academic curriculum, and promote creativity as an alternative to violence. With this transmedia project, we hope to: Promote respect of oneself and others. Encourage and facilitate creativity, especially through explorations in visual arts, poetry, dance, story-telling and acting. Promote learning through creativity and play. Develop problem-solving abilities through imagining and implementing win-win solutions as alternatives to violence. Promote explorations of new words, language and language skills. Celebrate diversity.